These terms and conditions cover the rental of the Charming Gîtes offered by Domaine de la Valette, 24510 Saint Félix de Villadeix, France.

They are concluded between SAS Domaine de la Valette – Périgord and the tenant, hereinafter “the Customer”, the adult person responsible for the rental.



The rental conditions applicable are those defined in these terms and conditions of sale, and in the rental contract detailing the specific terms, which is signed by the two parties when the booking is agreed.

No changes to the terms of the contract (erasures, surcharges etc.) will be accepted without the written consent of both parties.



The owner undertakes not to disclose to third parties any information of any kind that the tenant may have provided when executing this contract.

However, these provisions do not apply to requests for information received from public authorities and/or courts.



The customer signing the contract concluded for a fixed duration will not under any circumstances be permitted to avail himself of any residual right whatsoever in the property after the departure date initially agreed in the booking.

The duration of stay is a minimum of a week in high season and three nights outside of high season (unless otherwise specifically agreed).



The number of persons occupying the gîte may not exceed the number given in the contract, or the rental may be terminated.

However, additional occupants may be accepted (up to the accommodation’s maximum capacity), subject to payment of a rental fee for each additional person.

The rental may not under any circumstances benefit third parties, except with the prior written consent of the owner.

The tenant is not permitted to sublet under any pretext, even free of charge, or the contract may be terminated.


Article 6 – RATES

The rates charged and the periods to which they apply are given in the “rates” section.

If rates change, the applicable rates are those valid on the day of the booking and stated on the contract addressed to the customer. The prices stated relate to the rental periods and services specified in the rates section.

Any rental requests for periods not stated in the rates or covering services other than those offered will be subject to an individual commercial quote.


Article 7 – PAYMENT

The booking becomes binding once the customer has paid a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the stay and has returned a signed copy of the contract with these terms and conditions replicated verbatim, duly signed and marked as “read and approved”.

The rental balance shall be paid on the departure date at the latest.



Tenants should enjoy their stay to the full whilst maintaining a due respect for the environment.

When departing, the tenant undertakes to leave the rental as clean is he found it upon arrival.

All of the equipment listed in the inventory must be returned to where it was found upon entering the premises.

The tenant undertakes not to move large furniture items, and in any case to return the furniture to where it was located upon entering the premises.

If the owner identifies any damage, he will inform the tenant within eight days if this is found after the latter’s departure. Any repairs of any kind made necessary by the tenant’s negligence during the rental shall be the responsibility of the tenant.

The rented premises are for temporary or holiday accommodation purposes, excluding any professional, commercial or artisanal activities of any kind, even those complementary or occasional in nature to the period of residence (maximum three months).

Erecting tents or parking caravans on the land of the rented property is strictly forbidden.



Arrival is from 5pm and departure is by 10am.


Article 10 – CHILD SAFETY

We would like to draw your attention to child safety, as the property may present a number of potential risks if children are not monitored: these include swimming pools, stream, various stone walls, nearby cows or horses and passing horse riders, or an unwalled property opening out onto surrounding forests and fields.

We ask that you make your children aware of these risks and monitor their safety at all times.



The estate provides tenants of the gîtes with various facilities (swimming pool, stables, gardens, boules pitch, ping pong table, parking etc.) that may be used by all tenants.

Use of these facilities must be with a friendly attitude towards other tenants, respecting the peace of all.

In particular, tenants must respect other guests’ need for rest so that all enjoy a pleasant stay (noise when arriving late, evening meals, activities in gardens or the swimming pool etc.).

If there is a disturbance or if these clauses are not respected, the owner reserves the right to deny the disruptive parties access to communal areas or to terminate their stay (see termination clauses).

In any case, using communal areas implies responsibility on the part of user occupants, in particular for the swimming pool where tenants undertake to ensure the safety of their children and families.


Article 12 – PETS

For safety reasons relating to the presence of horses, horse riders and other animals, we regret that pets are not permitted.



Domaine de la Valette will stable tenants’ horses during their holidays, with exception of providing accommodation to horses only.

The stabling services provided for horses are detailed on our website and in our rental contract.

Horse stabling requires payment of a daily amount per horse, depending on the type of service and food provided.

Domaine de la Valette provides various facilities (meadow, paddock, arena, tack room etc.) which may only be used by horse owners at their own risk, maintaining a friendly attitude to the other owners on the premises.

The owner of Domaine de la Valette reserves the right to organise horse stabling based on the specific features of the relevant horses (sex, behaviour, incompatibilities etc.).

In any case, horses will not be accepted until the following documentation has been provided: up-to-date vaccination record, deworming certificate and currently valid insurance certificate.



All cancellations must be made in writing by letter or email:

  1. a) Cancellation by the tenant:

Any cancellation of this contract by the tenant must be submitted in writing to the owner by letter or email to the address given at the beginning of this document, with the date of receipt by the owner deemed to be the determining date.

The tenant is obliged to pay the owner the full amount of the rental unless the cancellation is the result of a duly justified case of force majeure (unforeseeable and insurmountable event beyond the tenant’s control). Where force majeure is proven, the owner must refund the full amount of the deposit paid within 30 days of the cancellation being made.

  1. b) If the tenant does not appear on the date stated in the contract and a period of 24 hours passes without them notifying the owner:

– This contract is deemed cancelled

– The tenant is obliged to pay the full amount of the rental to the owner

– The owner may re-let the property

  1. c) If the tenant appears to take possession of the property with a greater number of occupants than that stated in the contract or of the tenant brings a pet not mentioned when signing the rental contract or not approved in writing by the lessor, this contract shall be terminated pursuant to the terms set out in paragraph 14-b) above.
  2. d) Cancellation by the owner:

Any cancellation of this contract by the owner must be submitted in writing to the owner by letter or email to the address given at the beginning of this document, with the date of receipt by the tenant deemed to be the determining date.

Before entering the property:

If this contract is cancelled by the owner before entering the property, for any reason whatsoever with the exception of force majeure, the owner shall refund the tenant double the amount of the deposit received as interest and compensation for the moral and financial inconvenience caused.

This refund shall be sent to the tenant by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within a period of 15 days from notification of the cancellation.

After entering the property:

If the contract is cancelled by the owner during the period of the rental, this must be duly justified (proven deterioration of rented premises, neighbour complaints, presence of non-permitted animals, presence of tenants not specified in the contract etc.).

Whatever the reason for the cancellation, the full amount of the rental cost remains with the owner.

  1. e) In the event of the tenant’s early departure, the owner is not required to make any partial refund.



If the tenant curtails their stay and this is not deemed to be the responsibility of the owner, no refund shall be made.

If the tenant presents serious reasons characteristic of force majeure (unforeseeable and insurmountable event beyond the tenant’s control) making it impossible to continue the rental, the contract is cancelled ipso jure. The rental amount already paid by the tenant is refunded pro-rata for the remaining duration of the stay.




All complaints must be made in writing by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, within a maximum of 8 days from the contractual end of the stay.

Disputes lie exclusively within the jurisdiction of the Dordogne courts.